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Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Accounting

AAT level 3

Diploma in Accounting

Are you interested in a career in accounting?

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is a perfect start to a successful, rewarding career in accounting and finance.

AAT is an established and respected professional body, with over 125,000 members worldwide. AAT qualifications are developed in consultation with employers, and will equip you with the key financial skills modern businesses are currently looking for.

Taking an AAT distance learning course with The Skills Network could help you earn up to 67% more than those without the qualification – you could boost your salary by up to £38,000!

Coupled with The Skills Network’s award winning online learning resources and outstanding learner support, your career in accounting starts here!

With our outstanding success rates of over 92%, you can be confident The Skills Network will guide you through to success.

This internationally recognised qualification will enhance your skills and prepare you for the next step in your career. By completing this course you’ll master complex financial processes, including final accounts for sole traders and partnerships, costs and revenues and professional ethics.

You will gain practical, real-world accounting and finance skills with the freedom to study flexibly, from anywhere.

Plus, you could start this course without paying a penny: if you’re over the age of 24 and live in England then you may be eligible to take an advanced learning loan. Call us on 01757 210 022 to find out more.

Qualification gained: AAT Level 3 Diploma

Place of study: Learn from home

Type of course: Online distance learning course with exams

When can I start: This course is available to start immediately

Course Duration: 6 – 12 months.

Take advantage of our flexible payment options which include five monthly instalments

Pay in full today and receive a 10% discount with code: AAT10

Our distance learning gold option provides an engaging online learning experience. Learners receive a mix of interactive activities, online practice questions and exam guidance with instant feedback, to help them succeed.

  • First class dedicated tutor support available seven days a week
  • A personal learning mentor who will guide and support learners through their course, from enrolment through to achieving their qualification/li>
  • Exam fees and a full exam booking service in their chosen centre
  • Award-winning online learning resources from The Skills Network, keeping learners engaged and motivated at all times
  • Paper-based workbooks for each module
  • Over 300 practice questions and revision activities throughout your course, to cement your knowledge and help you succeed in your assessments
  • Two mock exams for each of the six units, with instant results and answer papers
  • AAT annual membership and registration
  • Access to ‘MyAAT’, giving learners a wealth of benefits including:
    • NUS Card – The definitive student discount card, giving learners a range of exclusive discounts from beauty to eating out, fashion and travel, and much more
    • Interactive career guidance, with tips direct from employers and an online CV builder
    • Networking opportunities at 30 AAT events each year, across 46 UK branches
    • Access to the AAT social community across social networks and forums, making learners the first to hear of accounting and finance news, events, and job opportunities.

    * Please note that AAT membership will be for one year only.

Unlike some qualifications, there are no entry requirements for AAT, and learners do not need any relevant work experience. This means that AAT is an ideal starting point for school and college leavers, or anyone considering a career change.

Depending on learners’ previous qualifications or experience, they may be able to skip some of the AAT qualification: AAT Skillcheck will help guide learners where to start in the qualification.

To enrol on our AAT Level 3 Diploma, learners must be able to demonstrate appropriate knowledge through work experience, or hold the AAT level 2 or equivalent qualification.

If learners are starting on their career path with AAT, we suggest they begin with the AAT level 2 qualification before progressing onto level 3.

The Skills Network can guide learners through all three levels of the AAT, taking them through the full qualification.

To register your interest in any of the accounting courses above, please click here.

*Please note: if learners have faced bankruptcy or have a criminal conviction their application may not be accepted.

All AAT assessments are computer based, learners have full flexibility to progress through their qualification at their own pace, with our dedicated support to help them every step of the way.

Assessments can be taken at centres local to the learner, and our dedicated bookings team will make all of the arrangements, taking away any hassle and leaving learners to focus on their studies.

Each assessment* comes with three green light tests to help learners see when they are ready to undertake the assessment.

*One sitting per unit is included in the course fee. Resits will be charged separately.

Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting

Unit 1: Accounts preparation

This unit introduces you to generally accepted accounting principles and concepts, enabling you to develop the required skills and knowledge to prepare ledger accounts to trial balance stage according to current financial standards. The unit also covers double entry bookkeeping, accounting methods used to record non-current assets, and how to account for adjustments.

On completion of this unit, you will sit a computer-based test at a local centre of your choice.

Unit 2: Prepare final accounts for sole traders and partnerships

This unit covers the processes involved in the preparation of final accounts for both sole traders and unlimited partnerships, as well as demonstrating the importance of these processes. You will discover how to prepare accounting records from incomplete information, understand the legislative and accounting requirements for partnerships, and prepare a statement of profit or loss appropriation account.

On completion of this unit, you will sit a computer-based test at a local centre of your choice.

Unit 3: Costs and revenues

This unit will ensure you gain an understanding of the nature of costs and revenues. You will discover why cost accounting is important to an organisation, be able to recognise and use different approaches, and make reasoned judgements to inform management on the most effective costing techniques to support decision making, planning and control.

On completion of this unit, you will sit a computer-based test at a local centre of your choice.

Unit 4: Professional ethics

This unit will develop your understanding of the importance of working in an ethical manner, ensuring that a level of confidence in accounting practices or functions is maintained, to protect personal or organisational reputations and integrity. This unit also touches on the principles of sustainability and how to uphold these.

On completion of this unit, you will complete a computer-based project at a local centre of your choice, which will be submitted to our expert assessors for marking.

Unit 5: Indirect tax

This unit will increase your knowledge and skills enabling you to calculate VAT and submit a VAT return. This unit involves extracting the relevant information from organisations’ accounting records, calculating the amount of tax payable or reclaimable and resolving errors or omissions. You will learn to submit completed documentation in a timely manner, whilst maintaining an effective working relationship with the relevant tax authority.

On completion of this unit, you will sit a computer-based test at a local centre of your choice.

Unit 6: Spreadsheet software

This unit will enhance your knowledge and skills in relation to using spreadsheet software. You will demonstrate how to use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data, selecting appropriate formulae and data analysis tools to meet requirements.

On completion of this unit you will complete a computer-based project* at a local centre of your choice, which will be submitted to our expert assessors for marking.

*One exam entry fee per unit is included in the cost of your course. Any resits will be charged separately.

Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting

Do I have to meet with my tutor or support advisor?

No. The communication you have with your tutor will be either via email, telephone or skype. Any communication you have with our support team will also be via email, telephone or skype.

Does the qualification expire?

No. Once you complete a course, you will gain a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification which lasts forever and will be beneficial to you throughout your entire working career.

Is there a time limit or any deadlines?

Depending on your fee status, there will be deadlines for you to meet within your course. We will suggest targets for you to aim towards to encourage you with your study. You will be reminded of this throughout your course via email and should try to meet these targets when submitting your assessments. Your tutor will provide guidance and support throughout your course through email and telephone communication.

Do I need any computer skills?

You only need very basic skills to complete a course. If you do any shopping online or use any social media websites, you will find it very easy to use our online learning platform, EQUAL. Even if you do not regularly use a computer, as long as you know how to turn it on and access the internet, the helpful guides and videos on EQUAL will provide you with all the help you need to get started online.

Do I need a computer to take the course?

Yes. You will need a computer to access your emails and use the internet when carrying out research. Even if you choose to complete a paper-based course, you will need to access your emails throughout your study and access the internet when completing further research tasks.

Do I need to buy anything else to go with the course?

As long as you have a working computer, a pen and some paper, you will have no problems completing a course with us. If you complete an online course, all the resources you need will be accessible online, and if you complete a paper-based course or paper-based course with online assessments, we will send you everything you need in the post and via email.

Our packages cover the cost of one entry fee for the online tests for each unit. However, if you fail any of your online tests, you will be charged for resits separately.

What is in the course content?

Please see the course content tab for a detailed description of the topics covered within each unit of this course. Each course covers a particular area of study through a detailed exploration of the subject matter. This includes subject specific case studies, thought-provoking activities, further research tasks, key facts, summary pages and ‘Stop and Think’ sections, where learners are encouraged to consider how the learning content may mirror reality. A wide range of exciting games and interesting videos will also be included in the course content. Within the courses, there are often prompts for further personal exploration, and sometimes you will carry out research yourself, which will help you develop your knowledge to successfully pass your online tests. The learning resources for this course are supplemented with over 300 practice questions and revision activities to cement your knowledge.

Is the course paper-based or online?

This course is available to study either fully online or paper-based with online tests. The course will also require you to take mock exams online at ‘MyAAT’ and visit a local college to sit your computer-based tests.

When you are browsing through our courses, look out for the icons which tell you the format each one is available in.

What level is the course at and what does this mean?

This is a Level 3 course which means it is equivalent to an A-Level qualification. If you successfully complete your course, you can progress on to the next level of study in your chosen subject area if you wish to. Diplomas are internationally recognised and will be issued to learners from AAT by The Skills Network once you have successfully completed your course.

How much is the course and when do I pay?

The course costs £1,987, which includes all the learning resources and materials you will need to complete the course, as well as AAT membership and registration to one exam per module. You can either pay for the course in full in a single payment, which is required before you begin your study, or start a course for just £399 as part of our five instalment plan. This means you pay £399 to begin your course, and then pay your next four instalments of £397 monthly thereafter.

This course is also available for 24+ loan funding. You can find out more about this here. (Link through to 24+ loan page)

How am I assessed?

For this course, after preparing with mock exams online at home on ‘My AAT’, you will attend a local college to sit computer-based tests for units 1, 2, 3 and 5. For units 4 and 6, you will complete computer-based projects, which will be submitted to your tutor for marking.

How do I submit my assessments?

You will learn from home and attend a local college to sit your tests.

How long will it take me to complete a course?

Everyone is different and all learners will progress at different speeds. There are no strict deadlines for you to meet when you are studying with us, though we will suggest targets for you to aim for to keep you on track with your learning. On average, a learner completes a course with us in around six to twelve months. We will provide flexible guidelines to encourage you to progress with your learning at a steady pace, but if these are unsuitable for you, you can learn in your own time when you are ready.

What will I gain from completing a course?

After completing a course with us, you will gain a globally recognised AAT qualification. This not only increases your knowledge and skills, but also your chance of securing a job in accounting, allowing you to develop your career and improve your chance of progressing in the workplace to reach your goals. Alongside this, the course materials will help you to develop the necessary knowledge and confidence needed to perform successfully in your role. You will also receive your student membership to AAT, allowing you access to exclusive study support and resources.

What happens if I fail a test?

You try again! You will receive automatic feedback when you have sat your computer-based tests to find out whether you have passed or not. If your answers are referred, your tutor will simply point out the answers which need a bit more attention in order for you to retake your test and pass. For computer-based projects, your tutor will mark them and enter your results on EQUAL. When you pass a unit, you move on to the next one, and when you pass your final unit, you simply wait for your certificate to arrive!

Where do I complete the course and do I have to go to a local college?

Learners can complete our home-based distance learning courses either fully online, paper-based or paper-based with online assessments. Our learning resources are designed to allow you to study where you like, when you like. If you choose to complete a paper-based course, you can study where you like once you have received your booklets from us. Similarly, by studying through our online system, EQUAL, you can choose where and when you do your work, as long as you have access to the internet. You will need to go to a local college to sit your computer-based tests for each unit.

How long will my certificate take to arrive?

Your certificate will take approximately seven weeks to arrive. Once you complete the course and submit your final piece of work, your tests and computer-based project will be marked, and your work will go through an external moderation process. Once this process is complete, we send your certificate to you as soon as possible.

Will the course help me get a job?

Successfully completing a course with us can definitely improve your career prospects, as you will gain an internationally recognised, professional qualification from AAT, a highly respected organisation. You will gain practical, real-world accounting knowledge, ensuring you are work-ready and an ideal candidate to employers. Financial management is key to every business across all sectors, so there is consistent demand for accounting and finance skills.

Is the course recognised? If so, by whom?

We are an official AAT centre. Students who successfully complete a course will be awarded a certificate of achievement by AAT, gaining an internationally recognised qualification which can boost their career prospects in the future. All of our learning resources have been specifically designed by a team of sector specialists, so you can be assured that the qualification you gain is of the highest quality.

Can anyone complete the course?

Yes. Anyone who has completed a Level 2 course in Accounting or has experience in a finance department can complete this course. For anyone without experience looking to enter an accounting role, our Level 2 Certificate is the perfect place to start. Should you experience any difficulties with your course, you would have the support of your tutor and our Student Support Team, who can guide you through any part of your learning.

How can I progress after I complete the course?

Once you complete a course with us, your opportunities are endless. Not only will your employment opportunities improve, but you could also progress on to other areas of study. You could continue your studies with our Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting.

Who is suitable?

This qualification is ideal for anyone who currently works in a finance department and is looking to improve their knowledge and skills base, or anyone who has completed a Level 2 qualification in Accounting and is looking to progress.

Are there any exams?

Yes. During this course, you will complete a computer-based test at the end of each unit, and also submit computer-based projects for units 4 and 6.

Part Pay - £1055

You can pay for this is course in 3 seperate installments.

  • First: before you start the course
  • Second: halfway through the course
  • Third: nearing the end of the course.
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Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting

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Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Accounting